Monday, August 3, 2015

Window to a Long Weekend

Hello everyone I hope that you had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was lovely and long.  We did not work on Friday so I spent time on Friday playing with my beads.  I don't normally do bead stringing but I just felt like it.  So I made 3 necklaces.   But because Facebook likes to take my first picture and post that when I post my blog I will show those off later.  LOL  Gotta love Facebook.

So instead I will start off with my inchie.  This week over at Every Inchie Monday the theme was Window.  I believe that we have had this theme before and that one was way more detailed than this one but I did like this one as well.  I used 3 colors of delicas and I originally was going to use a dark metallic purple for the curtains but with the black beads it seemed to get lost so I changed them to a teal color.  Hope you like it.

Like I mentioned earlier this is a window with teal curtains and a white background.  I love this teal color.  For some reason I am really into teal.  I think I could paint the whole house teal and be really happy with that. My kids might not be but so what!  LOL

Also this weekend, as I mentioned earlier, I made 3 necklaces.  I have a ton, ( and I mean a TON) of beads and for some reason I only used 3 different colors of 3 sizes of beads.  In these necklaces I used 4mm round beads, 6mm round beads and bicone crystals.  In the colors blue, green and clear. 

After making one necklace I realized that it was kinda long and really needed more strands.  But instead of taking it apart I decided to make a second necklace with the same magnetic slide clasp so that they could lay flatly on my neck.  Here is the long one.

Like it? I really do.  But can you see that it needs something more? So here is the short one.

Here is what they both look like together.

The lengths range from 22 inches to 40 inches for the longest one.  I wore both necklaces to town on Saturday and they lay great and are not too heavy.  But of course, me being me I just had to make one more necklace.  For this one I decided that I wanted to mix up the beads mixing the colors on each necklace lengths.  After making this one I wish I had thought about this for the other 2 necklaces.  They would have looked so cool like this. 

I am also working on a bracelet that I saw on one of the Facebook bead boards and forgot all about but remembered I wanted to make it so I got out the pattern and started to work on it but I will hopefully be done by next week so I will post then, right now there is still 9 more components to make yet, then I will have to put it all together, so we will see if it gets done by then.  LOL  So that was the artistic part of my long weekend.  The rest of the weekend was rather expensive and not so much fun, but it hurts to think about $1100 in car repairs.  OUCH!  Breath, Breath, Breath.  Ok so for my sanity I am going to get back to my beads.  lol.

Don't forget to fly on over to EIM and check out the great window art over there.  Have a great week and check the fluids in your cars please lol.  OUCH, where are my beads?!?


  1. Mega cute window. Love your jewellery. I can't imagine what else you could add.

  2. When I looked at the inchie again, after you pointed out they are aqua drapes. It looked like a man, right out side your window, as seen thru the sites on a rifle.
    Weird, but true.

    I think I see this because you choose to use of all white beads.
    Had the lower part been green, then it would be more of a lawn view.

    Still, you made me think.

  3. I love your little window with the teal curtains. I think you should get out those paint buckets and go to town with teal in your house. If it makes you happy!!! Your necklaces are very beautiful as well.

    1. Thanks Jean, one of these days I will be painting the walls for sure

  4. Clever make for the window, drapes are not easy!


  5. I love teal too. Your inchie window is awesome. Your jewelry is awesome. You are AWESOME.

    1. LOL thank you so much Kia, I will remind my kids when they are mad at me that someone thinks I am awesome!

  6. Wonderful makes as always just love the colours you have chosen

    Chrissie xx

  7. Lovely window inchie :-) And I like your necklaces!