Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just a Little Bit of Dancing

This week over at Every Inchie Monday, the theme is Ballet.  Back in 2012 I designed an inchie with ballet slippers.  The theme was dance. 

So this time I didn't want to make the same pattern so I decided to go with my first thought which was Swan Lake.  But how to make that into an inch??  This was what I came up with.  
Besides the fact that I added a white bead of a different shade, I like him.  He screams Swan Lake and I like that I was able to convey the theme in an inch.

Please take some time to fly on over to Every Inchie Monday and check out the rest of the awesome art!

Now, I have to apologize; last week I promised to post about the Sister Necklaces.  This last week, work was so hectic that I just did not have the energy to even read email, much less post here.  I will do my best to work on it this week. 

Have a blessed and beady week.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Brown Inchie, a bit of Grossness and a look into the future.

The great artists that participate over at Every Inchie Monday know that many times I think very abstractly.  I cant help it, I'm special like that, lol.  This year the list at EIM has a few colors on it.  This weeks theme is the first one of those, the theme is Brown. 

Usually when I read the theme I go with the first thing that comes to mind and work from there.  That explains a lot, right!  HAHA!  This week my first thought was a bit of used chewing tobacco.  I know GROSS right!  Yea, well.   After I got the inchie done I realized that it also looked like something else brown.....poop!  More GROSS, right!  Right!  Well here it is.

If you see something different in my inchie, post and let me know what you see.  I'd love to hear from you, even if i don't answer each comment; I am grateful for each one.

Well, I am glad that you came by to check out my inchie and hopefully this week will be less hectic than last.  I am wanting to start posting more about the Sister Necklaces.  This year I am gonna get to work on the Sister Necklaces. 

What's a Sister Necklace, you ask?  Here is a picture of the first Sister Necklace.  I will talk more about it later on.  Have a blessed week.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Amulet Inchie

This last week has been a doozie!  Missed 2.5 days of work due to the weather.  Slid in the ice and got stuck in a ditch!  Add to that we lost power due to a tree falling on an icy power line!!!  Now we start this week with weather in the 60's!  Oh yea and a flooded yard, lol. 

What better way to start the weekend then by playing with my beads.  I was also drooling looking at beads online that I really, really want to buy and play with.  Then looked at my beading magazines.  (Along with more drooling!).  Ending the night by making my inchie. 

Here it is, the theme is Amulet.   My first thought was to make a small amulet bag, but I went with a crystal amulet hanging off of a gold necklace against a black background.  I used 3 colors of 11/0 Delicas.  My most favorite seed beads. 

I also took the picture with a ruler, so that you can see that it is a true inchie.  I also covered last weeks inchie with a napkin.  I decided to start the year off by attaching my inchies all together in one line, like I did last year.  Funny, it only took me 2 years to figure that out. 

Don't forget to fly by Every Inchie Monday to check out all the awesome artwork by all of the great artists.  Make sure you check it out on Monday when everyone posts :)  and thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the nest. 

Have a blessed and warm weekend.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Brand new year, 2014!

I have decided that with this new year I am gonna try working on my blog again.  This last year has been very stressful and it seemed to take me for a long ride.  So, with this year I am getting off the roller coaster and I am gonna soar off the rails.  I plan on blogging about my inchies.  Which will be posted on Every Inchie Monday . I also will be blogging on my other projects and my struggle with weight loss and prolly posting on various other things, who knows.  LOL.  I hope that everyone will follow with me as this year is the year I want to work on myself, my beads and my everything!!! 

Thanks for coming on the journey with me. 

For my first post, I want to let you know about Every Inchie Monday .  A few years ago I found this blog, not even sure how I found it, but ever since I have been in creativity heaven.  There is a new theme every Monday & all you have to do is design your take on the theme in a 1 inch piece of artwork; in your medium of choice.  It is so much fun and there is so many creative people there.  Fly on by and check the blog out & maybe even drop by & join in.

This weeks theme is Alice Blue.  After racking my brain on what to do I decided to design a close up of Alice in Wonderlands blue and white dress.

Have a blessed day and thank you for stopping by.  I will have more for you soon