Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Very Implausible Weekend.

This weekend has been a rough one around here.  A very implausible one indeed.  Sunday night bad weather hit the south in horrible ways.  We had thunderstorms, lightening and hard rain.   All of which turned quickly into tornadoes.  We had a few touch down with 16 dead and 2 cities almost completely destroyed.  Me and my family were spared from the tornadoes but I have been praying for those who lost so much. 

During the storms I did beadwork to calm my worries over the weather, and this was what I got done.  My inchie for this week, the theme aptly named "implausible". 

My thought on the theme was that what is the biggest implausible thing?  Well, a question!  With this one I used 2 colors of beads.  A shade of white and a metallic blue.

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Take care and stay safe my friends.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Hot" Off the Presses

I hope that everyone has had a great Easter.  Mine was great.  I celebrated my birthday and Easter by going out to dinner with my Mom and my kids.  Then me and my daughter searched all over town for some Cadbury's Cream Eggs.  (Those things are very elusive!), while my son went to work a half day at his new job. 

This week's theme at Every Inchie Monday is "Hot" and I had tons of great ideas.  Ideas that I am sure many of the other artists over at Every Inchie Monday thought of as well.  I thought about flames, or writing the word "HOT" with flames behind it.

The problem is that I am 'limited' by my own overactive imagination.  Which, many times will remember and rehash old ideas into new ones.  I know EVERYBODY does that as well.  But I try not repeat myself.  But I try not repeat myself.  ;)

When I thought about the theme this week, my first thought was flames, but I did that on 4.16.12. 

Then i thought about doing some wild random colors with shades of fire, but then i did that one on 3.3.14. 

Then I thought about doing flames coming off the sun kinda design, but then I did that one on 1.23.12. 

About that time it was almost dinner time!  That was it!  Food is hot right?  But then again I have already done food as well on 12.23.13.

GRRRRRRRRR!  Then it dawned on me.  Food has steam and steam is HOT!  YEA!  I got it done, something that I had not thought of yet, lol.  Until next time that is when I got to think of something else similar.

In this inchie I used 3 colors of Delicas, light blue, white, and matte transparent grey.  This is a hot bowl of mashed potatoes, (or rice) with steam coming off of them.   Hope you like them.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to fly on over to EIM and check out all the great artwork from all these talented ladies. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Head's Up!

Well I am so glad that last weeks issues stayed in last week!  LOL  This weekend I have been hanging out with my kids.  My daughter on Saturday, and then my Son on Sunday.  That doesn't always happen like that but this weekend it did and it was awesome to just hang with each kid individually. 

This week over at Every Inchie Monday the theme is "Head".  I had a few trials and errors with this theme.  First off I thought about a head of lettuce, but after designing it, it just looked like a green blob!  Next idea was a bust of a head; which looked like a grey blob!  Then I came up with the idea that finally stuck.  A side view of a head of a nail! 

I used one of my favorite colors of Delica seed beads, the metallic silver.  I also used a gunmetal AB bead as the nail head.   Real simple design but I love the look of it.  Also a cool side note to this is that when the light hits the gunmetal beads it looks like an AB blue color.  Really cool, just sad that it doesn't show well in the pictures.

Don't forget to fly over to EIM and check out all the great artwork.  Have a blessed day everybody and thanks for zooming on by.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Golden weekend and a Gold inchie

Who is ready for some Gold filled fun this week over at Every Inchie Monday?  But first lets interrupt this blog with some weekend fun first.

Who remembers playing in the dirt when they were a kid???  Wasn't it SO much fun???  Hey, add some water and you were in mud heaven RIGHT?  Right....  Sure....  Fun days for sure. 

Now as an adult I am not into playing in the dirt.  I guess I have lost that fun naivete.  Well a few weeks ago my mailbox broke.  No way of jimmy-rigging it no way of duct taping it.  Had to replace it.  So this weekend I spent a good chunk of time digging a 1 ft square by 2 ft deep hole in red rock filled soil.  YAY! 

Ok, well that was fun; then on Sunday we had a friend come over and put the post in the hole and set it in concrete.   After he left my Mom reminded me that we have to dig a hole for the water regulator.!.!  o.O  WHAT!  That is NOW???? 

Let me explain , last month the water company sent us a note saying that they will be changing the pressure in the pipes, and if we don't have a regulator on out water pipes leading from the box then they will explode!  They will be doing this on Tuesday! 

By the way, there is an 80% chance of rain on Sunday!  So much fun!  Me and my kids went outside and started digging.  Did I mention that we have rock-filled red clay in our yard?  Also did you know that when rain hits red clay it kinda turns to spackle??  SO MUCH FUN!!  Six hours later we had a huge hole around out water pipe, waiting for the regulator to be put in in the morning.   My white shoes are now a lovely shade of light browny-red.  My grey jacket is a lovely shade of medium browny-red and my patience is a deep shade of insanity.

But wait....  Now would  I be going on about this if this was all the fun that I had?  Well of course not!!!  When we were halfway done with the hole around the pipe I noticed a little bit of water near the hot water heater.   We checked it and there was a small drip.  My friend came back over and looked at it.  Need a new gasket and piece of pipe.  But since it was a small drip we should be ok until the morning.  Of course we will be ok.........

After checking again to see if it had loosened a bit we suddenly had a strong drip.  Woohooo.  More fun to be had.  We had to hurry up and finish a load of laundry and take showers before we can turn the water off at the box.  But not before we used all available towels to soak up the dripping water.   Once all that was done I had to run out into the muddy happiness (remember the fun as a kid?) and turn the water off.  What was that about insanity??  LOL

[Now back to your regularly scheduled Inchie blog] This week over at Every Inchie Monday the theme is Gold and as for spending Sunday doing my inchie?  HAHAHA.  I started working on it at about midnight.  I was tickled by the theme of gold.  Not because I have had a golden weekend of wild and wacky fun but because I had a small (very small) amount of 24kt plated glass delicas.  Not really enough to do anything with, well anything more than an inchie that is. 

This inchie is a small gold bar with a metallic purple background.  I thought about a royal color with the gold bar. So purple it was.  Hope you like it. 

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