Monday, February 19, 2018

Let's Drive to Cuba!

Hey everyone, I hope that all of you are doing well.  I am well. I was able to do a bit of catch up and got some of the inchies that I missed done.  But let's dive into our Inchie World Tour.  This week over at Every Inchie Monday we are landing or driving to Cuba.

I never really knew much about Cuba since the US had an embargo on Cuba since the late 50's.  All I could tell you about Cuba is that they have cigars that everyone seems to want but could not have.  After the embargo was lifted a few years ago I found out that Cuba loves its 1950's cars

I just adore the colors of the cars.  Are those colors original? I dunno but they just make me happy, not to mention the shapes of those cars from that time are so beautiful.  So I decided to go with that as the theme of my inchie. 

  I was only able to fit in the front of the car but I am happy with it.  Purple isn't my favorite color but the color of those purple oldies is so pretty!  I hope I did it justice!  Check out all the other inchies at EIM.

Speaking of doing justice, I got a few of the missed inchies done.  I like the finished piece better than the screen grab of the pattern.

This is The Netherlands, pink tulips in front and a windmill in the back.

The USA, land of the Free and home of the Brave!

France, the French flag with a silhouette of the Eiffel Tower in the front. 

That is it for me this week, but before I go I would like to say that I am saddened by yet another school shooting.  This time in Florida.  I am sending all of them my prayers.  It is past time that we start thinking of our children and their safe future instead of political parties, stuffed pockets and alignments.   This isn't a political issue, it's a safe future issue. 

Have a blessed, safe and creative week my friends.

Monday, February 12, 2018


Hey everyone!  I AM BACK, BABY!  I am off of restriction and able to bead again!  Which means now I have to catch up on my inchies; but not this week.  This week I worked on my Temperature necklace from the Facebook Group Seed Beads And More.  I got all of January done. 

If you don't know what a temperature necklace is that is ok.  I did not either until the beginning of the year when Anita, the Moderator of Seed Beads and More brought it up to the group.  The necklace is similar to a temperature scarf that knitters do.  Stitching yarn; beads in my case; into strips of color that represent the daily high and low temperature.  I decided to use the herringbone stitch and do 2 rows for the low and 2 for the high.  I will separate each month with a hand painted bead and edge each month with a row of white. 

Now, onto Every Inchie Monday.  I missed posting 2 weeks in a row, so here is the catch up.  January 29th was Vietnam.  With so much history that the country has I went with my gut...err belly.  Vietnam is known for Pho, a soup that is made up of beef stock, spices, noodles and sliced beef or chicken (and sometimes egg).  Yum!  I have never had Pho but I could use a hot bowl of it right now! 

I also missed Zimbabwe.  This one was super hard for me to find something to bead about.  I was going to do Victoria Falls.  But you know how hard it is to bead a water fall?  Yea, that is why I did not do it!  LOL  So instead I did the flag of Zimbabwe. 

Now on to this weeks inchie.  The world tour stops in Romania. Which is kinda cool since my inchie is a gold 10.  Commemorating Nadia Comaneci's first 10 in Gymnastics. Nice that it coincides with the Olympics. 

That is it for me this week!  I am so happy to be back!  I will work on the inchies I missed and will post them as I get them done.  Don't forget to fly on over to EIM and check out the latest stop on the inchie world tour!