Tuesday, December 29, 2015

No White Christmas! What's Next!

Hiya everyone to the last post this year!  I hope that you all had a great Christmas and have a safe and happy New Years.  Don't forget, if you go out to celebrate that you get home safely, and use a designated driver please.  I don't want to lose any of you as followers.  LOL

I hope that you all got what you wanted for Christmas.  I got 2 awesome homemade gifts.  My son made me a cutting board in shop class and I love it.  I actually thought it was a store bought one.  It looks so professional!  I LOVE it.  I cried and he was like, "Mom!  What's wrong?"  Needless to say he could not understand why I would cry that he made me something.  LOL  Kids!  Me and my kids got homemade glasses from my brother and sister in-law.  They are all personalized with our names and designs on them.  We all loved them!  So cool!  As you can see mine says Tina Bug!  That is what my brother has called me forever!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Did any of you get something awesome for Christmas?

Also this week over at Every Inchie Monday the last theme of the year is Next.  My first thought was those little number things that you have to pull when you go to the DMV.  Don't you hate when you go to the DMV and your number is 63 and they secretary is on number 31!!!  ARG!!!!  So that is where this came from.  For this one I used 3 colors of delicas and I like how it came out.

Also this week is the last twinchie over at 2x2x2 is White.  So for this one for some reason I went to the white things I HATE instead of love.  I guess it was easier than trying to design things that I love.  Anyways, for this twinchie I made a spider web with a black widow spider on it.  I mean I used to have arachnophobia, but now I am not bad with that but I always worry about walking into a spider web.  I mean talk about becoming an instant break dancer!  Not many things are worse than walking into one of those and then trying to free yourself!  ACK!  So here is my twinchie, I used 4 colors of Delicas.  I really love the geometric look of this.

 Also this week I finished a piece for the Dry Gulch December Challenge I am super excited for this necklace. I love the look of it.  I actually thought I would not like it.  If you are not familiar with Dry Gulch Challenge it is a monthly color challenge and you have to use all of the colors in the challenge.  first place wins a $50 gift certificate and second place wins a $25 gift certificate to the Dry gulch online bead store.  If you have not checked it out or entered it, please do.  It has really stretched my design abilities and color matching wits!  Like I said earlier I was not sure I would like the color schemes for this month but I really LOVED this!

 I used handmade lamp work beads made by Tanya McGuire. Check her out, her beads are awesome and hand made.  I also used white jade faceted rondelles, teal crystal disks, small glass pearl seed beads, small brick red rondelles, small barrel shaped red swarovski crystals, and rose quartz heshi beads.  I really like the look of this and the colors together looks awesome.

Well, that is it for me for this year!  I can't believe that this year is almost over.  ALMOST OVER!  Wow!  I pray for blessings over all who are reading this and a blessed next year for you all.  If you want to have a fun design challenge for yourself think about joining EIM, 2x2x2, or Dry Gulch.  I know you will have fun.  Trust me on this!

Have a blessed and creative rest of the year my friends.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Evolution and the Holidays.

Hiya everyone, thanks for taking time out of this busy week to stop by the nest today.  Especially since I am running late this week.  I know this week is a big one for us all.  The tree, the trimmings, the food and family.  I hope that we all remember the reason for the season, and remember the blessings that we have all been given this day and every day.  I pray that this new year will be a blessing for everyone who reads this.

Now, onto this weeks inchie.  Over at Every Inchie Monday the theme was a rough one.  It was Evolution.  Wow!  How do you portray Evolution in an inch?!?  Well, all of the other artists did an awesome job.  Me, not so much!  LOL  All I could think of was the evolution of the phone, from a meek little home phone to a sleek cell phone.  

It might be hard to see but in this inchie I have beaded the words HOME and CELL.  Again, I did say that it was a rough theme!  hahaha.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that each and every one of you have a blessed Christmas.  

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sparklie Locomotives

Hiya everyone I hope that your December is going well.  Mine is trudging along.  I hate that I have no energy.  I have not even had the energy to get back to the other blog that I started a few weeks back.  I have wanted to and am excited about it but it takes so much just to do this blog right now that I am not focusing on that one.  Not yet anyways.  I am still working on the weight loss.  Just not blogging about it yet.

But for now let me get back to this blog.  Over at Every Inchie Monday the theme is Locomotive and my first thought was to make the bullet rain but since that would not fit in an inch I went with the next best thing for me.  Part of the gates that protect us from those lovely LONG trains.

With this inchie I used 4 colors of Delicas.  I like the look of this one.  If only I could have added some LED lights or something LOL.

Also this week over at 2x2x2 the theme is Sparkle.  I just couldn't figure anything out on this one.  I thought about Twilight Sparkle of My Little Pony but I did not think I could make that in 2 inches so I just thru some words together on a rainbow background and called it good.  Also, note to self, next time you make a rainbow background make sure the lines are thicker, as changing colors so much was a true PITA!

Don't forget to fly on over to EIM and 2x2x2 to check out all the great artwork and designs over there and if you think you might enjoy playing along both sites have posted next years lists already so why not join in?!?  I hope that you all have a great rest of your week.  I am just happy that I finally got the pictures to post after trying for 2 days!  This is the price to pay for living in the middle of nowhere lol.  Have a blessed and creative week my friends and thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment, I love to read all of them.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Stars and Angels

Hiya everyone, sorry this is a bit late.  It seems that every December I get overly tired.  I dont know if it is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or just the change in seasons, but I am just worn out.  But, now on to more happy things.

Over at Every Inchie Monday the theme is Angel. Back in 2012 we had the theme and I did a little red headed angel and since I live with 2 of them there really was no choice of what to make LOL. This time I decided to make the 2 things that are "typical" angel things, a halo and wings.

 For this inchie I used 3 colors of Delicas. I like how the matte black makes the wings and halo pop.  Here is the one I made in 2012.  The picture is a bit hard to see but here she is.

Also last week I finally got the beads I needed to finish a necklace that I designed to match the bracelet that I made from a pattern from my friend Becca, check it out here.  The pattern is free and beautiful.  I want to thank Beads to Weave for getting me the beads I needed for my addiction, necklace.  Here is the set.  The necklace did not come out how my mind saw it but I still love it.  Hope you like it as well.

That is it for me this week.  I think I am going to go take a nap.  LOL  Don't forget to fly on over to EIM and check out the great angelic art over there and hey if you are interested then check out next years list.  The fantastic Trillian took the list from the great book The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  Looks like next year is gonna be another great EIM year. Have a blessed and creative week my friends.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Tea of a Traditional week

Hiya everyone, I hope that everyone's Thanksgiving was a blessed one.  Mine was great.  Went to see my Mom and my Brother and Sister and their families.  I really miss them all and wish we lived closer to them all.  Somehow, not sure how it happened but NO ONE took pictures!  WHAT!!!  Usually every get together produces multitudes of pictures but I think this time everyone was so busy eating and hanging out to take pictures.

Me and my Son had a great time but the drive to and from was awful and wayyy too long!  I was a bit hesitant on the drive home, mostly because of last Thanksgiving's issues coming home.  For those who don't remember check it out here.  But we did make it home, took forever but we did it.  After resting some I took time to do my inchie and twinchie for this week.

So let's get right to it.  Over at Every Inchie Monday the theme was Tea, So I went with one of my daughters favorite things, teacups.

I like how this one came out.  Even though there is 6 colors of Delicas in here it is hard to see the 4 different colors in the cup.  Besides that I still like it.

Also over at 2x2x2 the theme is Tradition.  My first thought of this one was the military.  What better tradition to have then to be involved in the military.  So I wanted to thank a vet for their service and show what they traditionally fought for.  I hope that you like it, I really love this twinchie.

This twinchie has 5 colors and it portrays a flag that I found online that was hanging on a branch somewhere after a really bad storm.  I just loved the look of it and the fact that it was fraying.  To me it spoke to the fact that it had been thru something.  At the top I put in Thank a vet.  Hope you like this one as much as I do.

Now also this week I did something that I have been wanting to do for a long while now.  I am a bit scared and excited about this right now.  But I really want and need to lose weight and so I started a new blog. One that I hope will inspire me (and hopefully you) to lose weight and to become a strong and empowered woman.  So, if you are so inclined please check out my new blog and let your friends know about it as well.  Check it out here.

That is all I have for you all this week.  Don' forget to fly on over to EIM and 2x2x2 to see what awesome work that everyone has come up with.   I hope and pray that you all have a blessed and creative week.