Monday, January 22, 2018

2018 Has Come In Like A Roaring Lion

Hello everyone and happy 2018 to you and yours!  I hope that you have all had a great year so far.  Mine has been testing for sure.  Many of you know that I was to have carpal tunnel surgery on the 2nd.  It went well, and for that I am so happy.  It is great to be free from the constant numbing, tingling pain.

Ten days after the surgery I got the flu.  YAY ME!  I ended up having to miss work and sit at home sick as a dog. I am on the mend now.  Not 100% but getting there.  But for now I am missing my beads.  I don't know when I will be able to start up but I am missing those small colorful glass beauties.

Every Inchie Monday is continuing on!!  YAY!  This year every theme is a country! There is some doozies on the list as well.  So I am again hoping to put my unique spin on the themes.  Since I cant yet bead I have decided to post screen shots of the patterns and will bead them up later on.  Not as satisfying as beadwork but as close as I can get right now.

 The first country that we visit is the Netherlands!  All I know about the Netherlands is there are A LOT of windmills and A LOT of tulips.  So that is what I designed.

Second country on our inchie road trip is the good 'ol USA.  Home of the free and the brave.  With so many things to design I was kinda overwhelmed, and decided to show off just that; the free and the brave!

Third stop on this inchie road trip is France.  I was going to say that I have never been there, but I have!!!  I forgot that when we came back from England that we had a lay over at Charles De Gaulle airport.  So, well, yea I have never really been to France LOL.  This is a bit of a cheat.  I used the pattern that I did as an honor piece for France after a terrorist attack. But this is what I think of when I think of France.

The current stop this week is in India.  I love all the ornate decorativeness that I see about India.  You know the Bollywood/Historical aspect of jewelry, clothing, fabric patterns etc.  All of that just makes my brain tingle!  I love it all.  But, how to add all that beauty and adornment into a beaded inch.  Well, I kinda went down to basics.  

Did you know that almost 80% of India practice Hinduism.  So that got me to thinking about the Om symbol and it's importance to those who worship Hinduism.  Om represents the unmanifest and manifest aspects of God.  Such a cool thing for a symbol to have such deep meaning.  

That is it for me this week/month.  Hopefully next week I will be able to bead again!  Until then don't forget to fly on over to EIM and see all the great places that everyone has been going to.