Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One more for the "You dont miss it til it is gone" file!

Hey guys,

Sorry I have been absent lately. Working 6 days a week & trying to get things started for the busy season, which this is that for most crafters anyways.  I have to make 18 ormanents & 9 pairs of earrings, just for Christmas!  Also I signed on at work for the Relay for Life to make a few items to raffle off to help raise money for R4L, one of which I wanted to be done before Christmas, & I also opened my big mouth (big surprise!) and offered to make beaded ribbons to sell for R4L!  Can you say spreading too thin??  Yea I know, that is kinda a DUH! thing, just like running outside in a lightening storm with a mallet in 1 hand and a crowbar in another, but that is also a story for another time!  LOL   

All of that mixed together can cause a bit of stress on a person!  Haha Right?!?  Well on Saturday after I got off work I decided to clean the bathroom after I got done using it, why not clean it since I was already there, right?  After cleaning the toilet & flushing, it didn't go down right, so I look in the tank & check everything there, all good!  So I think to myself, "I'll flush again to see if that fixes it.  Now let me stop here & say, in hindsight this sounds like a dumb thing to think, but, in my defense,  it has worked in the past!!  Well it didn't work this time!!  I flushed & the toilet overflowed!!! We are all typical people in a crisis or anything that goes wrong our first thought is to drop everything & come running, right?  Well, I did just that, I dropped everything!!!  Screamed, "OH CRAP the toilets overflowing!!!", which was quickly followed by,  "OH CRAP, I dropped the toilet lid into the tub!", which was even quicklyier followed by, "OH CRAP, I BROKE the toilet tank lid!!!!!!" 

After the first "OH CRAP" my daughter came running & handed me a towel to clean up the water.  During all of this I was thinking, "Thank God I flushed after I went!"  LOL  Well afterwards, my reaction was really funny & very comical, to say the least.  But now that it has been a few days since it happened, I realize how much I used the back lid of the toilet.  That is where i lay my phone, my hair clip & my glasses!!!  What am I now to do!  LOL 

It is funny what we miss once it is gone & never seem to think about until we are unable to use or see it.  I know this is all about a "thing", it is easily replaceable; like so many "things" in life; but still it is equally missed in life once gone! 

Kinda made me think of all the things that we have in this life that we forget about, yet realize after it is gone how treasured it, or they really were!  So think about that a bit, the next time you lay your phone on the back of the toilet, or the next time you see a loved one! 

Also think about that the next time you have something breakable in your hands & chaos ensues, just remember whatever you do, DON'T THROW IT IN THE BATHTUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Work!

Hey everybody!

I decided to finally take some pics of my newest bead work.  I wanted to share with all of you! Hope you like them.
This is a Tubular RAW, Right Angle Weave Bracelet that I made with crystals & a magnetic clasp.

This is a wide RAW bracelet with blue pearl beads.

This is a Bracelet I designed myself, it is black 4mm cube beads with size 15/0 seed beads & a magnetic clasp

This is my Flight Bracelet, in May I went to California & did this on the plane, the colors aren't that attractive together but it kept me busy & made the long flights & stopovers bearable!

This is a bracelet that I made with Jasper tube beads & Garnet round beads.  I really like this one. 

Here is a green crystal ball bracelet, every section is crystal bicones beaded into balls & made into a bracelet, along with a Swarovski (sp) Crystal toggle clasp.

This is a Huicicol Totem bracelet.  I got the patter off the web, sadly I dont remember the designers name.  If you know it let me know so I can add it here!  Thanks

This is from one of my favorite designers, Debbie Von Tonder to go to her Etsy shop click on the pattern name & check out her wonderful designs.  This one is called Kelly & the one below it is called White Tiger

This is a neat bracelet that I made using beads that I have had for 27 years!!! I finally decided to use them LOL.  
 This last one is a tubular peyote bead mix of blue & yellow, 2 of my favorite colors!! 

Thanks for looking at my bracelets!  If you couldn't tell, I really love bracelets!! Let me know what you think, thanks guys!!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Design love

Hiya everyone!

I was thinking in the shower tonite (I think alot in the shower LOL) about design & the beauty of it.   Also, how I am kinda not like other women in what I find harmonious design-wise.  I have never been a flowers & pink kinda female.  That shows in my design style, for sure! I love linear, geometric designs.  I also find beauty in the design of some of the weirdest things.  Like I can look at a building & just love the lines, same with a light fixture!!  LOL.  I know, Flowers are beautiful, but lines are what turn my design button on!  LOL  I remembered that when I was a kid in 5th grade i got an A on an art project that i did.  It was all about lines.  So even back then I was seeking the geometric designs in things.  I designed my art project again, this time on the computer, cuz I dont have any crayons.  (Yea that is my lazy excuse ;) )  I hope you like it.  It is funny the design brings me peace & calm.  I just love those lines!!!! 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Here I Go!!!!!

Ok, Ok, Ok....  I finally decided to make a blog!!  I feel like this is gonna be a double edge sword!!!  I wonder, does everyone who start a blog feel like they are already behind the times cuz you didn't start one earlier?  Anyways, here I go, dipping my feet into the blog water.  I want to be able to show off my bead work, and the bead work of other fantastic & talented people,  and prolly some of the work of my kids. If they let me, LOL. I cant wait to start.  

Maybe I'll start tomorrow.......