Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Veggie-Tables and Christmas Ornaments

The theme this week over at Every Inchie Monday  is vegetable.  So, of course, with my love of the color orange I had to do a carrot.  It was not until about an hour ago that it dawned on me that with this time of year I should have done a pumpkin.  Oh well, I do like how the carrot came out. 

Also this week I started to work on Christmas Ornaments.  Every year I make Christmas Ornaments for everyone in the family, a few friends and my boss at work.  I also make earrings for some ladies at work.

This week I got 3 ornaments done.  I really love how they are coming out.  Did I mention that I have to make 16 ornaments?!?  Yea, 16!  LOL  Every year I tell myself that I am gonna start making my ornaments earlier than I did last year.  Well, I actually started later this year since last year!  Sheesh.  Well lets hope I can get them done before Christmas gets here! 

For this years ornaments I decided to bead around a wine cork (same as I did last year).  Using 2 hole beads called twins, 11/0 seed beads and crystal cones on the fringe.  I really love how they are coming out.  They do work up pretty fast and I am loving making them.  Especially since Christmas will be here before you know it (56 days to be exact!!!!).

Thanks again for stopping by and don't forget to fly on over to EIM and check out all the vegetables over there, I mean vegetable art work not "vegetables". 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Inchie and Commission work

This week over at Every Inchie Monday the theme is another new word for my vocabulary.  I really like how these last few weeks I have had to go beyond my comfort zone and really dig deep in my design brain. 

This weeks word is Umbra, I had to look it up because at first I thought it was ombre, until I realized that started with an O and not a U.  LOL!  So i went to my trusty Wikipedia.   Seems Umbra is 1 of 3 parts of a shadow.  So my inchie shows that sorta, lol I just did the umbra part of the shadow and not the other 2 since they were not part of the theme.  (I am having issues loading pictures to my blog so I am just gonna have to post links to pictures, sorry about that) Umbra

Also this week I finished 2 more commission pieces.  One is a family tree necklace.  The colors on the tree are birthstones, the top on each side is the daughters birthstones and the 2 under each of those are their children's birthstones.  I then wove the branches up the necklace and added the birthstones alone the length of the branches.  Making them bigger than the ones on the tree.  The ones on the tree represent eggs and the ones on the necklace represent birds.    I really enjoyed designing this one and figuring out the necklace design.

The other commission item I  finished is a beaded key chain with the clients name and her husbands name with a big pink heart between them.  This is the third key chain that I have made.  I really like making them. 

Don't forget to fly on over to EIM and check out the great artwork done by the awesome inchie artist and have a blessed and creative week.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


As I have been trying to get over a cold I was running behind to post my inchie. This weeks theme over at Every Inchie Monday is Ungual.  This is a word I had never heard of.  So many things over at EIM make me think, and this one was definitely one that lived up to that. 

Wikipedia says that Ungual means : of, relating to, or affecting a nail, hoof, or claw. Well, that is part of the definition, the part that I went with.  I really had a hard time thinking of what to do for this.  But in the end I went with a hoofed foot.  

Don't forget to fly on over to EIM and check out the cool ungual things that the ladies have come up with. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Thistle This, Bracelet That

I am very happy that this weekend was mostly drama free.  2 little bumps on the road but nothing like the last few weeks!  YAY!!!  lol 

I have been working on a few commission pieces over the last few weeks.  But, my shoulder getting hurt slowed down the work.  I did finally get one of the pieces done, so I am super stoked about that.  Here is a bangle bracelet done in a Cellini spiral in 6 bright opaque colors and 4 different sizes of seed beads.

This week's theme at Every Inchie Monday is Thistle.  What a hard theme!!!  How many of us remember being a kid and running barefoot in the yard then the worse thing in the world happens.  You step on a thistle.  That was what we called them.  I so hated those things.

I also know that thistles are a flower of some kind so I had to research them to see what they looked like. 
Ugly things aren't they, yet pretty at the same time; well kinda pretty lol.  I for sure would not want to step on these things barefooted!  But I used this image for my inchie and I like mine better, it isn't as prickly and way more blobby looking.

On this inchie I used 4 colors of delicas.  I like how this came out.  Don't forget to fly on over to EIM and check out all the thistles that everyone comes up with. Have a blessed and creative day.