Thursday, October 13, 2011

Design love

Hiya everyone!

I was thinking in the shower tonite (I think alot in the shower LOL) about design & the beauty of it.   Also, how I am kinda not like other women in what I find harmonious design-wise.  I have never been a flowers & pink kinda female.  That shows in my design style, for sure! I love linear, geometric designs.  I also find beauty in the design of some of the weirdest things.  Like I can look at a building & just love the lines, same with a light fixture!!  LOL.  I know, Flowers are beautiful, but lines are what turn my design button on!  LOL  I remembered that when I was a kid in 5th grade i got an A on an art project that i did.  It was all about lines.  So even back then I was seeking the geometric designs in things.  I designed my art project again, this time on the computer, cuz I dont have any crayons.  (Yea that is my lazy excuse ;) )  I hope you like it.  It is funny the design brings me peace & calm.  I just love those lines!!!! 

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