Monday, February 10, 2014

A Great Week For A Chocolate Inchie!

Over at Every Inchie Monday the This week's theme is Chocolate.  Very appropriate for Valentines week.  My thoughts for this week ran to my favorite chocolate brand.  An English chocolate company that I fell in love with when I was younger.  But once I moved over to England I found out that us Americans are getting cheated! Cheated because we get an Americanized version of this great English chocolate.  For those who have never tried the real deal you just don't know what your missing. 

Many years back we went into Little Rock and came across an Asian Market.  Upon going in all you could smell was curry spices.  Which are hard on the senses if you are not used to them.  But, for me all I saw was a counter with the real deal, Cadbury's Dairy Milk and Cadbury's Creme Eggs and all the other yummy goodness they make.  I think we spent about $100 that day & put them straight into our freezer.
Many good memories are formed around the joy that food gives us.  For me this chocolate reminds me of things unattained, things wished for.  Growing up I always wanted to go to England, even marry an Englishman.  (You can thank the Beatles for that!  Who knows one day I just might still marry Paul LOL)  This was the whole reason I tried this chocolate bar. 

Who knew that one day I would end up marrying an Englishman and actually moving over there to live for a year.  It was an awesome experience, one that I will remember forever.  Every time I see a Cadbury's all I can do is smile. 

Before Robert, my husband, passed on he would always mention to me how much he hated American chocolates, LOL.  So I figured to do this inchie justice I had no other choice but to do something with Cadbury on it. 

I hope that you like this one, you may have to cock your head and squint to get it but here it is.  It is a section of the Cadbury logo. 

Sorry that last weeks beads are seen in this inchies photo, I just didn't pay attention when I took the photo. 

Have a blessed week and don't forget to fly on over to Every Inchie Monday to check out the other great artists and see what they have come up with.


  1. What a great story! I bet you cant help but think of your husband when you eat chocolate :-)


  2. Oh that is just beautiful and such a lovely story behind it! xxx

  3. Wonderful as always :) and a lovely post to read

    Chrissie x

  4. I too love Cadbury. But I only have the American version to think of. One day maybe I can try the real deal. Love your story and love the inchie!

  5. LOVE your story, and a sweet one at that!!! I feel hipped knowing that I have never tried a real Cadbury chocolate!!! WAAAaaaa! :0( Well now I am on a quest.....!) Thanks for sharing, and it is lovely!! :0) Share Humanity

  6. Great inchie and even more wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a great idea. I haven't eaten Cadbury in my life but perhaps I will remember when I will be in England (some day).

  8. A lovely story and a great inchie.