Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Veggie-Tables and Christmas Ornaments

The theme this week over at Every Inchie Monday  is vegetable.  So, of course, with my love of the color orange I had to do a carrot.  It was not until about an hour ago that it dawned on me that with this time of year I should have done a pumpkin.  Oh well, I do like how the carrot came out. 

Also this week I started to work on Christmas Ornaments.  Every year I make Christmas Ornaments for everyone in the family, a few friends and my boss at work.  I also make earrings for some ladies at work.

This week I got 3 ornaments done.  I really love how they are coming out.  Did I mention that I have to make 16 ornaments?!?  Yea, 16!  LOL  Every year I tell myself that I am gonna start making my ornaments earlier than I did last year.  Well, I actually started later this year since last year!  Sheesh.  Well lets hope I can get them done before Christmas gets here! 

For this years ornaments I decided to bead around a wine cork (same as I did last year).  Using 2 hole beads called twins, 11/0 seed beads and crystal cones on the fringe.  I really love how they are coming out.  They do work up pretty fast and I am loving making them.  Especially since Christmas will be here before you know it (56 days to be exact!!!!).

Thanks again for stopping by and don't forget to fly on over to EIM and check out all the vegetables over there, I mean vegetable art work not "vegetables". 


  1. How cute is that carrot! Amazing and interesting Christmas ornaments.

  2. I love your carrot. Would like to eat it ;-)

  3. A lot of us did carrots :) Your is amazing. The Christmas ornament is stunning

    Love Chrissie x

  4. That carrot packs a punch, love the colours you used!


  5. I love your ornament. They are different. Kind of remind me of a firework. Nice work.

  6. Fabulous inchie, and the Xmas ornament is brilliant.

  7. great carrot inchie - so precise. Your Christmas ornament is fabulous - I've often made earrings as presents -- I used to sell them to help pay my bills when I was supply teaching - but 16 at once is very impressive.

    1. Thanks Kia, I do this every year for the last few years. The first year I did this, I made ornaments and I think pairs of earrings lol Never again.