Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Time For an Underground Exit

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by the nest this week and checking out whats going on.  First off, on the kitty front, the needle has NOT landed; yet.  We are still keeping an eye out for her and she has times when she is active and other times when she is lazy and sleepy.  So....yea she is acting normal.  LOL  The kids however seem to thing that everything she does means she is having issues, so they worry.  But, I am hoping that within the next few days the needle will land.  I will keep you all in the loop.

Now, this week over at Every Inchie Monday the theme is Underground.  My first thought was the underground railroad.  Or even the new hit series The Underground.  But fitting that on an inch was going to be near impossible.  So I went with the one thing that I knew I could do.  The symbol of the London Underground.

Also this week over at 2x2x2 the theme is Exit.  For this one I had a great idea.  This design means alot to me.  Years ago, my husband, myself and my son went to the grade school to pick up my daughter.  My son was 4 years old and as a normal kid he was very curious.  We were walking to the office and my son casually asks, "Mommy what does this do?" I turn to answer him only to see him pulling on the fire alarm!   It took over 2 hours to finally get the alarms off.  Along with multiple calls to 7 different fire departments.  So needless to say the Principle was not a fan of my son LOL.  (That is ok, no one is a fan of her either!)  So I dedicate this twinchie to all the grade schoolers who got to have recess for 2 extra hours that day!  Makes me laugh every time I see this sign.

Also this week I decided to make a bracelet.  Called Serpent Song by Cheri Carlson,  Instead of using the mini duos I used two-holed triangles.  I love the look of the bracelet but I am not happy with the clasp.  I might redo that part. But I do love the look and the feel of this bracelet.

That is it for me this week.  Don't forget to fly on over to EIM and 2x2x2 to check out the great themes there and have a blessed and creative week.


  1. Pleased the kitty is still ok and the needle may still be on the way through.

    Always love your bead work and wonderful way you do your inchies

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. I absolutely ADORE that clasp! Don't you dare change it! Have a great week and make another great bracelet!

  3. Two brilliant bead shares & I love the fire exit story!


  4. Hilarious story! I can just see the chaos caused by honest curiosity. Love the work. Hope the needle just went missing. c

    1. Thanks Cheryl, sadly the needle is still in the cat. She has not released it yet!

  5. very good to make a circle out of beads like that - grat inchie - I lovr the little bracelet

  6. Wonderful beadwork as usual, I would love to be able to see you do these.