Monday, August 8, 2016

A Whale of a Navajo Weekend

Hey Everyone, thanks for visiting this week.  Over here at the nest we, my kids and I have unilaterally decided that the cat must have gotten rid of the needle without us catching it!  Because it has been almost 3 weeks and no sign of it, but she is back to her chasing and attacking, bitchy self.  Now don't get mad at me for calling her that!  She is a bitch!  She is mean and attacks at will (poor Will!).  We all call her that almost as a term of endearment.  LOL.  

So now, over at Every Inchie Monday the theme is Whale.  I got the idea for my inchie from an insurance commercial that shows a huge whale jumping out of the water.  This is what I came up with after translating that into an inch.

I used 4 colors of Delicas and decided against adding an eye on the whale.  I am not sure that was a good idea or not but I went with it.  

This week is also the week for 2x2x2 and I have been waiting for this one.  The theme is Navajo.  My family is part Native American, I don't know the tribe but I think it has watered down by time it got to me, cuz I don't look like it but my Mom and sister both look Native American.  Or maybe the only part I got was the love of beading.  After all the stitch I always use for my pieces is peyote stitch.  Which is widely used in the NA community for beadwork and jewelry.  

I decided to take my cue from a Navajo rug.  I really loved the look of the design that had 5 Yei Females holding Sacred Eagle feathers.  I just really like the geometrics in the rug and that it translated so well to the beads.  I may save this as an idea for a bigger piece later on.  But for now, check this out.  This is just 2 of the Yei's 

This one has 6 colors of Delicas, 2 of which are matte.  I love the depth that the matte beads give the piece.  I am not sure why I don't use matte beads more.  I may have to look into that with some matte beading projects LOL.  (not like I need an excuse to bead!)

Lastly, if you have been following me you know that I was working on an amulet bag that was supposed to be done by July 1st.  Well that did not happen!  But I am still slowly but surely working on it.  I have both panels done and attached, which I am not ready to show.  Not yet anyways.  But I did want to show you what I am doing for the necklace.  I decided to do it in a herringbone stitch and after a few trial pieces, that did not do what I wanted, I decided on this.  

These are the colors and the pattern I will be using.  I can not wait to get the necklace done so I can work on the fringe, then I can reveal the whole thing!  

Hey guys, just want to say thanks for stopping by and leaving me a message.  I really enjoy the comments and don't forget to fly on over to EIM and 2x2x2 to check out the great work there.  


  1. Great work, as usual! My mom's great-grandmother was a Cherokee Squaw, so we have a lot in common! Have a great week my friend!

  2. Pleased the cat is still ok.

    Love the work this week and the whale is wonderful

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Your whale is perfect with the tail coming out of the water separately from the body. I have a pull whenever I see anything Native American. When I was a child, I collected beads because I loved looking at them in their glass tubes. Never did anything at that time, but I still loved them. I think your mini Navajo rug is fantastic!

  4. As ever you share such beaded delights! A cute whale and the 2x2x2 is a beaut!


  5. Fabulous beadwork, love the inchie and the Indians.

  6. Dear Freebird, Thank you so much for participating in the TwobyTwo. I love your Yei. They turned out beautifully. Is it any wonder that most Yei are women?! We're mothers, that's our superpower! Anyway, you must have called upon them and they took care of your cat.
    Cute whale, too. Cheryl

    1. Thanks so much Cheryl. There was alot of prayers for the cat! I like the idea of Yei being women for the same reason!