Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Don't Get Your Peacock Feathers in a Ruffle!

Hey everyone.  I hope that you are all staying dry and safe from this crazy weather.  We are well and dry.  This one is going to be a quick one as the weather has been unkind to our internet!  Imagine that!  So while I have the internet I will write quickly and post fastly.  pfffft!

This week over at Every Inchie Monday the theme is Peacock.  Peacocks are kinda special to me.  Because they were special to my late husband.  Because his mothers maiden name was Peacock.  I also like peacocks just because they are beautiful.  A neighbor down the street has/had 2 of them.  One of them was an albino peacock.  Sooo pretty!!!

My peacock inchie is not as beautiful as that one, and, by the by, way WAY, WAY quieter than the real thing.  But my inchie has 5 colors of Delicas.  I also went the way of semi-metallic peacock-ness.

Hope you liked my peacock feather inchie and don't forget to fly on over to EIM and check out the rest of the beautiful birds.  Have a blessed and creative week my friends.


  1. Fabulous, you have made a super job of portraying the gorgeous metallic colours.

  2. Ooohhh! Beautiful! And great minds think alike. I haven't posted mine yet, but it looks amazingly similar. Weird! Scary weird. Love it! Cheryl

  3. A beautiful tribute to the peacocks of the world & yes, they are noisy! My eldest granddaughter was a brilliant mimic of their cry in her younger years lol, used to drive us mad....

    Still sorting what is going back into the workroom.....


    1. Have fun with the workroom! I remember hearing one of them go off at 6 in the morning. I have never jumped out of bed ready for the worst in my life! LOL

  4. An amazing ichie as always with an amazing design

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. You have captured those lovely colours beautifully, such a clever little design. Dixx

  6. Wonderfully chosen colours and placed to perfection - you really have done a super job on this peacock eye. Just gorgeous.