Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Dancing in Spain and Argentina

Hey everyone, I am again doing a twofer!  I spent last week getting ready for a trip up north to see my family.  Then the weekend up there and back in a few days.  Spent this last weekend freezing because while I was up north my HVAC system decided to be bad and go on the fritz!  So now I have to wait until there is no rain for the service man to come by and fix it! 

But all that aside, I did take some time tonight to catch up.  Last week's Every Inchie Monday world tour stopped in Spain.  So many things to design for Spain.  But I really love dancing.  Dance is completely a love language.  It is so beautiful to see people dressed up and moving so gracefully.  So for Spain I decided to design one of the dances that Spain is known for, The Flamenco

Dance is also front and center for this weeks Stop on the Inchie world Tour.  Argentina, one of the most beautiful dances, the Tango.  I love watching the tango.  So beautiful, emotional and expressive.  I just had to try to do the dance justice.  I will say that this weeks inchie is much better looking than last weeks LOL.  This is just a close up of the man and woman in the dance.

That is it for me this week.  Let's hope that I get to have time to post again next week LOL.  Check out the rest of the great artwork over at EIM.  Have a warm, blessed and creative week my friends.