Monday, November 3, 2014

Violet Inchie

Hello everyone, this week over at Every Inchie Monday the theme is Violet.  I thought about doing the color but I really wanted to make a flower the size of an inch.  How cute that would be. 

I looked all over the web; which is the closest I can get to a flower without killing it; for a great picture of a violet.  I just could not find a good looking picture that would translate into something that looked good in beads.

But I finally found a great looking picture, well at least it was a picture that I liked the color differences in it.  Here is the original picture.

 So, working with this I thought I had a great design.  My pattern uses 7 different colors; 2 each of greens, yellows, and purples along with a cream color.  I of course used my delicas.  I love my delicas lol. 

When I showed my son the finished product, he did not see anything. Just a bunch of blobs of colors.  :(  But then I asked my daughter and she saw that they were flowers!  :)  Of course, she kinda did hear the conversation that me and my son had so she might have just knew, but the people pleaser in me believes that she "just knew".   Let me know what you think. 

Don't forget to fly on over to EIM and check out all the great violet art over there. 


  1. A difficult flower to bead but I do SEE it!


  2. What a sweet choice for violet :) Agree - this would have been difficult to make in such small scale, and I do see the flower too!

  3. The more I looked at your inchie, I found my eyes jumping in and out of the design like those eye paintings that change each time you change your focus. (Can you tell that I can't remember the name for those kind of paintings?) Well, anyway, if you do look at it for awhile, those flowers just appear! So pretty.

    1. Thanks Jean, are those paintings called Rorschach?

  4. This is stunning. I always love your inchie but this one is special

    Love Chrissie x

  5. I definitely see flowers - I think your idea of going with the flower with contrasting colours was good. lovely composition and great inchie, as always

  6. That's a lot to pack into such a teenie space. I see the sunny little faces of the violets; they always make me smile! Have a brilliant day! c

  7. I love your violets!!!!! And yes, I have to agree with your daughter, they look very much like flowers! Beautiful colors!! :0) Annette